Global Warming- Heating the mind to stress

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It is happening every summer that we find it hotter than the last one. Ever wondered why?

It is not because we can’t tolerate heat but try to blame it all on the season. It is a real phenomenon taking place namely, Global Warming. It points to the increasing heat in the atmosphere and on the surface of the Earth due to the presence of pollutants and carelessness of people.

The problem is increasing manifold with no concern among the people. They are continuing to use products which are harmful for the health of our planet and cause damage and depletion of its ecosystem.

The presence of smoke and melting of Glaciers clearly signals the need to conserve the environment. The issue is we notice the Smog covering the atmosphere and obstructing our vision during winters, but do not find reasons and solutions to it. We read and listen news about the Glaciers melting out rapidly but do not try to find out the reasons behind the same. Even when we know the problem, we leave it all to the government to sort it out for us. However it is equally important for us to participate in them and support the authorities which are working for it. Only few can’t solve a problem created by us all. We all are responsible for it and should work towards the solution. The pollution has been created because we all use ACs, refrigerators, Private vehicles or any of such products which emit pollutants harming the ecosystem. Industries are growing, so is the pollution. The ozone layer is depleting bringing in harmful sun rays that cause skin diseases, cancer, cataract. We are aware about them but still don’t work for them which is completely foolish. We are keeping ourselves in the dark. The effects may not be visible to the careless eyes now but it would lead to long term consequences which can destroy Life on the planet.

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Talking about the present, this increased heat on the surface of the Earth is affecting the mental health in a way. It becomes too hot during the summers and too cold during the winters which is all due to the Global Warming. These adversities of the climate affect the mind and the thinking skills of a human. They affect other life forms as well but focusing on the humans, they affect our power of mind.

You might have heard “Too much of anything is not good”. It implies in this situation as well. It’s important for it being hot in summers and cold during winters but too much of them affects the lifestyle. Our body is designed to adapt the natural changes that take place automatically but the changes in the nature that are happening due to our carelessness go against the environment, which is unfavorable for us as well. We cannot hold on to much of heat. It starts moving to our brain from the upper body surface and affects out mental capability.

Anger is the most observed and typical example to prove it. You must have seen people getting angry on small things, during the day, which is because they already handle load of work which is now being complemented by the harmful heat of the day. The sun rays affect the mind. The difference is, it is positive when in limits but converts to negative when exceeds the requirements of the human body. The stress shoots up and you might feel headache very often.