How COVID-19 affected our lives?

Have we ever thought there will be such a setback on our lives? It is really an unbelievable and unexplainable thing that affected our lives. This COVID-19 affected the whole world mentally as well as physically. The world has gone through so many but this is the most impacted pandemic. This pandemic has led to dramatic loss of human lives and an upredictable health issues and also the world of work. This economic and social distruption caused millions of people to fall into the line of extreme poverty, and the rate of malnourished also increased day by day.

Positive impacts of COVID-19

When we start to see the positive effects of COVID-19, we are running out time in our normal lives and spend very less time with families. This pandemic has paved way for that. Have you ever thought of sitting freely in your home and seeing the blue sky peacefully? No. But due to this pandemic has made that possible. We often get bored while we are at home. Now, we play carrom, chess and many indoor games and teach these 2k kids about these games. There is a high possiblity of addicted to mobile phones and due to the control of parents some may not get addicted. We get to try some new dishes every day so that we won’t get bored in our daily lives. Gardening, family time has become the major positive impacts of COVID-19.

Negative impacts of COVID-19

The first and foremost negative impact of this pandemic is the addiction to gadgets. Furthermore, mobile phone is the most addictive one. Pandemic has also affected knowledge of the students greatly. They find it more difficult to learn it online and enjoys the offline class more. The sadder impact is the students cannot get the knowledge of the subject they sutdy. There is also possiblity of getting sick often due to laziness. Heart attack, obesity, gastric problems, weight gain are very serious factors. Work from home make people very lazy and they are getting back pain, eye problems and so on.

Very happy that we have slightly overcame this pandemic stituation and return to our daily lives. Stay safe and be protective over yourselves.

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