Is it better to learn in a classroom or online?

The surging technologies and digital era has paved the way for many leading developments over several domains like healthcare, agriculture, business, communication, networking, medicine, aviation etc and particularly in education. Gently we were perceiving many evolutions occurring in the educational environment like practical learning with the help of digital platforms, for a better learning experience for students. With the advancement in technologies and digital media many schools & colleges over the world implemented the idea of Educomp (smart classes) in every classroom to make learning effective for students and to enhance their understanding capability and cognition. When everybody of us were gradually moving towards a modern stratum in education to make things easily accessible and feasible for a finer learning environment, the pandemic has pushed us to a devastating state where education has taken a back seat and made learning intricate for students through online classes. The impingement of online learning has made the education dreadful/unpleasant at times. It is a mere exhaustion for students rather than imparting knowledge.

Students became bewildered with the circumstances revolving around them because it was entirely new for everyone, which nobody would have even dreamt of. Yes, indeed the e-learning ie. the online classes was like a silver lining to the dark cloud, because the covid-19 has resulted the schools and universities to shut down all over the world, whereby education has changed drastically and the teaching is undertaken virtually on a digital platform. With students shattered across various domain the online learning has been a key to make sure that the students are engaged with the syllabus. However , the online learning plays a pivotal role in the contemporary situation, its consequences cannot be neglected or ignored . A home cannot provide the ambience that a school creates.

Education is more than a black board and ahead of the school text books as there is much more fascinating activities and qualities associated with the school environment that a student acquires. It is a place where young inventive minds gather together and gain knowledge form one and another as peer learning is very vital in the educational domain. The digital medium can’t make a replica of the interpersonal interactions that the school facilitates by having the young generation together from diverse backgrounds and culture. It has refrained students from gaining practical knowledge. The peer group interaction in an education sphere is very prominent as it promotes very strong soft skills, but unfortunately the retention of all these factors was a great challenge and posed as a bane in the online classes. At home children are not bound to have the classroom professionalism.

In addition the students are exposed to many health issues, which are attributed due to the prolonged screen time, like eyesight problems with constant headaches, mental illness, uneven sleeping, stress due to the home confinement and rising level of anxiety. Classes at home have become like a pass time for students and curtails the concentration on the curriculum. At school, students would have more exploration towards the extra-curricular activities like sports, art which kindles their interests towards various fields. While speaking about the cons of the online classes that students experience, on the other hand the students in the rural area face many obstacles even in accessing the online classes due to the unavailability of smartphones, laptops and some distortions in the mobile network, so they are on a more frightful side.

To a larger extent we always raise opinions from a student’s point of view, the effects of e-learning that impacted a student. But the fact is, the teachers are affected by the same with parity, even they live a similar life as we do. Moreover we could derive to a phrase that, they are the ones who face so many challenges more than students. Initially many of them weren’t aware of how to make use of the digital platform and struggled with it. In fact they become skeptical whether the content delivered had reached all the students or were there any network interruptions midway. It becomes strenuous for the teachers to cope up with the academics in this pandemic. Teachers are also exposed to all the mental pressures and health issues as the students do. Thus the e-learning has impacted both the students and teachers on an equal proportion. People frame this as the new normal but the education system cannot be taken over like the same for many days. So it is very certain that online classes could be a substitute until the situation lets us get to the educational place but could never be a replacement. So let us hope that the pandemic ceases soon utterly and revive back to the classrooms for a better learning experience.

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