‘IF I RUN THE WORLD…’ I always wonder what it would be like. It’s like one of those thoughts that falls into our minds, like why some movies have an offline script or why some artists sing when they don’t have the right words. But, I mean, whenever you listen to the news on TV or on the radio about a global epidemic or war, do you not feel that you can probably do a better job caring for the earth?

In the current state of affairs, everyone who wants to be president or prime minister of a country has only one goal in mind — to rule the country or the world with money and power. They do not think of the poor and do not think of the proper development of the nation and of the whole world which shows how the world has selfish and selfish rulers.

Today, everywhere in the world something bad is happening, such as the war in Afghanistan or the deforestation. If I were to run the world, I would turn the mountains into chocolate and turn the trees into sweets. All the jokes aside, if I were to manage the world, there are four things in particular I would like to change: Hate between the different religions of the world, Freedom of speech, equality for all and the idea of ​​monetary power coming from human minds. There are a total of 195 countries and about 4,400 religions worldwide. These numbers show how each nation is different or in other words how different our mother world is! People today, however, hate one another’s religions. Example: Muslims and Hindus hate one another because of past relationships or circumstances that led them to do so. If all religions stood together and fought for their rights, working together for good, the Earth would be a much better place to live. If I were to run the world, I would develop a sense of belonging between all religions and the belief that man is the same and that they follow different cultures. This will be much better for our world to grow in unity.

‘Speech’ is a very important word that allows every person in the world to put forward his or her thoughts related to any topic. Many countries have the right to free speech but it is not done literally. Example: In India, a girl wrote something against a political party on Facebook and it was spreading. A few days later he was accused of being a criminal as he just posted his opinion of the party. This shows that the ‘Right to Freedom of Speech’ is not really cared for in India, which is sad. On the other hand, If I were a ruler; I would allow everyone to express their views and suggestions freely. This can also lead people to believe in society. Therefore, Freedom of Speech will be granted to all whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, a businessman etc.

Treating everyone equally plays a very important role in governance. If I were to treat the world, I would treat everyone equally. It is the same for men and women or for the rich and the poor. Women should have the same rights as men. They should be educated and allowed to work in various fields or subjects. As a girl myself, I will feel proud to see women serving the community on a large scale because they are the people who support their families. I can see that all women are educated and given respect in society. The poor should also be given equal access to education and employment. As a ruler, I would also see poor people educated their children and they also had jobs. The world cannot rely solely on the wealthy; poor people also play a very important role in the whole universe. I can make special schemes, build good schools for the poor and also give these schools good teachers. If the poor are educated only the world can move forward.

Today, MONEY plays a vital role in the life of an individual. Everyone has only one goal in life, and that goal is to earn money. Benefit from crime or from that and deceive the lives of others in the community. Money does not rule over the world, and happiness does not rule over the world. I would rather focus on finding happiness than on making money for individuals. For the sake of money; relationships are broken, between nations, families, and friends this leads to loss of happiness among people. I can make people understand the importance of happiness in one’s life and what brings real meaning to their lives.

Lastly, to say that I would do these things if I were to manage this land is easier than actually putting them in place. But, if I was given the opportunity I would try to make this land beautiful for foreigners to live in or experiment with. Jokes aside, if I were to really manage this world, I would see that each person is happy in everything they do and has respect for each other or for that matter each other’s lives. To me, all citizens of the world are rulers and not just the president or the prime minister. I would just like to be the guiding light of the world and not force the thoughts on people who help me as a ruler and not on the people of the world as citizens.

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