Entertainment Apps to use in 2021

We are living in an era that seems incomplete without technology. To be honest, our day starts and ends with modern-day technological devices. We cannot imagine our life without these devices and this is where applications come into the picture, these devices are incomplete without the apps. These apps add to the functionality of the device and there are numerous apps available for every kind of device based on the type of OS. And so at times, it becomes a confusing task to find the best and the right application for your device.

Snap Camera

With most of your time being spent sitting in front of digital meeting platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc Snap Camera could be a fun tool to escape the daily boredom of virtual meetings and add a bit of fun by bringing the famous Snapchat app lenses to your video chats. It lets you apply different virtual filters to your face by AI recognition while using your computer/laptop webcam. It includes all the most famous Snapchat filters, only this time, you can apply them to the image captured by your PC’s camera, perfect for when you stream or make video calls to friends and family.


We have had enough of the productivity and utility apps. Now we’ll look at an entertainment app namely Spotify. Gone are the days when people used to download songs to listen to them on their PC. The modern era is taken over by online music streaming apps such as Spotify that allows users to listen to online music of their choice and even download them to facilitate offline in-app accessibility. Using Spotify, you can stream from millions of songs and even podcasts and listen to your favorite artists and enjoy music in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and many more languages.

WhatsApp Desktop

At last but not the least, we have the desktop version of the popular messaging app Whatsapp.

Whatsapp desktop has all the basic features of the WhatsApp mobile version like sending/receiving messages, attaching pictures, videos, documents, contacts, etc.

It allows you to seamlessly synchronize all of your chats to your computer. Now you might be thinking that all these things can be done via Whatsapp web then why to unnecessarily download a separate app. Well, you are correct to some extent but there’s one feature that lets this app stand out from WhatsApp Web and that is the added functionality of  Voice and Video calls. You cannot make or receive Whatsapp voice or video calls via Whatsapp web but with the desktop app, you can. 

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