• Many of us face the problem of dry patches, to avoid dry patches apply moisturizer on your face then apply your foundation, you will find a smooth and polish look.
  •  Most of the girls find it difficult to get the perfect shade of foundation, if by mistake you bought lighter shade than your skin then gets a 2 shade darker concealer. Mix both and you will get your desirable shade
  • Your foundation doesn’t last for long? Here is a little tip. Spray any setting spray on a beauty blender and dap it on your face, after that apply your foundation, it will last for many hours.
  • Having an oily face melts your foundation, to avoid oiliness, at the beginning apply loose powder on your face then apply your foundation. Powder will absorb the excessive oil and the foundation will not melt from your face.
  • Even after applying foundation, you can still see your pores, to avoid that rub a ice cube on your face for 2-3 min it will shrink your pores and foundation will not get set in pores.
  • Your face becomes cakey after applying foundation to get rid of this dip your beauty blender into water and remove the excessive water from the blender and dap it on your face then apply foundation.
  • You can also use your foundation as a concealer, just take your foundation and loose powder mix them well and here your concealer is ready.


  • Every girl has fine lines on her face, and of course nobody like that. Here you can use concealer to hide your fine lines
  • You can enhance the look of eyebrows. You just need to clean the area around your eyebrows which give them a perfect shape.
  • The toughest job for every girl is to make her winged eyeliner perfectly straight. No worries you can use concealer to fix your winged eyeliner and make it straight.
  •  You can turn your concealer as BB cream, you just need to add some primer and moisturizer
  •   You can use concealer as colour corrector, you can get concealer in many colours. It covers blemishes, dark circles, and redness of your face.
  •   If your concealer becomes cakey after some time. You can make it hydrate by adding eye cream and dap it with the sponge which will not make your concealer cakey.
  •  You can use concealer as highlighter, you just need to take two shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply your concealer under your eyes in triangular shape which will help to lift you face.
  •   You can use concealer to contour your face, you need two shade darker concealer than your face, apply it on cheek bones, on your nose and etc and blend it with brush and sponge.
  •  If your lips are dark, you can use concealer on your lips which helps to enhance your lips when you apply lipstick on concealed lips.
  • You can use concealer to fix the lip lines and give perfect shape to lips if by mistake your lipstick goes out of your lips you can fix it by applying concealer on it.

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