How many husbands is too many?

“I’m under absolutely no obligation to make sense to you.” 

― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

About the book:

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Published on: June 13th 2017

Publisher: Atria Books

Genre: Novel, Romance novel, Historical Fiction, Psychological Fiction

My rating: 5/5

The plot:

Evelyn Hugo, a veteran actress of Hollywood, now in her seventy wants the world to know about her glamorous and scandalous life. For the same, she asks for a writer in a magazine who has never actually reached her true potential at the place she now works. Shocked as to why out of everyone at her company, Evelyn Hugo has chosen her (Monique Grant). Evelyn Hugo then reveals her life in detail which will help Monique use this opportunity to jumpstart her career as her personal life is basically non-existent, with her husband leaving her and her professional life so far was at a standstill. Monique is determined to make the most of this opportunity. As the interview comes to end, Evelyn life intertwines with Monique’s own tragic life.


To be honest, The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo had not caught my attention, even though every time I was on social media, the book kept showing up on my for you page. Going into this book, I thought it would be a 2.5 or 3 star read for me. None of the books so far, have interested me that much. However, the more I read this book, the more I fell in love with it. For me, the book showed the reader different kinds of love, not just romantic love, it showed platonic love, family love and the lengths you would go to protect your people. The book captures you in a way, with each page showing you the scandalous life of our protagonist. And as the book comes to end, you wonder whether the life she had, was worth the things she done. I still think about this book everyday, looking to find every kind of love there is. Hopefully, when you read the same, you find love in everything other do for you and you do for them.

This book is an absolute beauty, filled with beautiful quotes. Some of the famous quotes which give us a preview of the authors beautiful writing are listed below:

“People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’- that’s intimacy.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

“Never let anyone make you feel ordinary.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Don’t ignore half of me so you can fit me into a box. Don’t do that.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

“I’m under absolutely no obligation to make sense to you.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

“It’s always been fascinating to me how things can be simultaneously true and false, how people can be good and bad all in one, how someone can love you in a way that is beautifully selfless while serving themselves ruthlessly.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

“When you’re given an opportunity to change your life, be ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. The world doesn’t give things, you take things.” 
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

About the author:

Taylor Jenkins Reid is an American novelist best known for her novels The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoMalibu Rising, and Daisy Jones & The Six.