Why your votes matter

voice your future through your vote

The right to vote is the most direct, most determinant and most dynamic expression of democracy.

Our Indian democracy gives the power to the people. The power to vote and choose a leader / party of our choice. And so, it is only apt that we make use of this opportunity. This is our opportunity to express who we are and what we care about. If you care about your future, Vote your future.

It is essential for every Indian to take the elections seriously. Be it playing an alternate card, keeping fascits at bay or to try a third card. Not everything may change overnight.  But we as citizens of democratic India, have an obligation to vote.

I know you and I are frustrated with the way things are going on in this country. And we’re all trying to post and tweet but nothing you can do is more powerful than you and I voting. Stand up for yourself, educate yourself, use your voice and vote. Make your voice heard because it counts.

As Rabindranath Tagore in his poem, where the mind is without fear, says,

” into that heaven of freedom, my father, Let my country awake.” we are called to lift up this people and this nation to that place.

Needless to say, every citizen’s vote is counted in the polling process. If the people are equally divided between two candidates, one single vote can be a game-changer and a decisive factor. We have seen in the past how one vote from an MP can decide the fall of the government. Exactly the same way, a single person’s vote can confirm the win/fall of an aspiring MP or MLA. Voting is the fundamental basis of democracy’s ‘Of the people, for the people, and by the people’ slogan. Therefore, rather than enjoying it as a holiday, one must vote if he truly wants to contribute to the nation-building process and bring about a change. A Citizen should actually not need to find any reason to Vote. It must be done as a compulsive duty although there is no legal obligation to vote.

At times, it is possible that one does not want any single candidate to be elected from all who are contesting. The election commission has made a special provision of NOTA. It stands for None of The Above. Hence if none of the candidates fit into your criteria, just hit the NOTA option and voice the opinion. Introduction of this alternative is believed to play a significant role in the future. In the late future, it may also be possible that the NOTA will decide the re-elections with fresh candidates.

one of the main reason to vote :

Covid19- we all know how this pandemic affected every corner of the world and how our nation suffered. Millions of people lost their jobs, daily bread and yes lives too So as a responsible citizen of this nation we should elect a government which can work efficiently for the people during any crisis.

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