Child Marriage legalised on Rajsthan

Currently, Rajasthan govt released an amendment “Rajasthan compulsory Registration of Marriage Amendment Bill 2021” it allowed registration of child marriages, it’s 21 century and we all are aware of how heinous child marriage is, here are some of my views on this act

In my views law is not wrong
Those who commit or help in child marriage will still be punished, but those who already had marriage were not allowed to have registration and so they were not able to avail all govt schemes and benefits, those saying it will make it easier to do child marriage remember availing govt benefits are everyones fundamental rights.

Those saying it’s illegal look it like this rape is illegal but rape victim and culprit both have some rights that we can’t snatch, like culprit must be allowed to go court etc, ofcourse child marriage is as heinous as rape and here victims are both boy and girl but why they suffer whole life for it, they can’t get rashion, jobs, water, now as everything is more and more digitalizing and you can’t prove you’re married, it will become more hard to avail services like jacha bacha Suraksha and this are thee parents who most need it.

Also one negative point is it will make child marriage easier, but many people will not be able to avail fundamental rights isn’t it totally wrong also we can make child marriage hard by making strong rules. As we have data of child marriage we can ask govt employee who are posted there why they let it happen like police or magistrate, they will become more accountable this way.

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