Education is the most powerful tool that help us to change our life.As Malala Yousafzai said “All I want is an education, and I am afraid of no one” she materialized her dream in her real life.We have to have a fire inside us or craving for education.Education is not something that is attributed upon us as a responsibilty rather it should be considered as a fundamental thing for our personal growth.We can analyze how many great souls who left their mark in this world through education.Quest for knowledge is fundamental for achieving greatness in life.More than that we have to be more aware about what is happening around us.Education and power can be said as the two sides of same coin in our daily life we could not survive if do not have a proper education.

As someone said “ignorance is bliss”, we could not ignore education like that.It became a part our life.In this modern world we know how competitive it is to survive in such situations so in order to get a proper and good life we need to be more educated.Understanding history helps to improve the knowledge of students.In a way history can be seen as a guiding tool.We have to be well aware about historical facts in our life that helps us to be vigilant and alert in our life.Learning a new language or learning about new idea keeps you vibrant.Having a good knowledge about work or what ever you are doing is important in achieving perfection.Nobody is perfect then why somebody is admired over other people ? That is only because of their educational standard or knowledge.A good athlete needs constant practice for good performance, in the similar way a good learner have to practice and read more.

Reading is one of the important thing that helps in your personal growth.You become more aware of the thought process of people .Education and culture are interdependent. In a particular region there must be some rules and did you ever thought who creates this rules ? It should be from a person who possess power.An educated person can lead his natives to development.There are laws and regulations in these contemporary scenario but still some knowledgeable person become more famous during these days.We have to create our own identity during these days.That can only be possible through good education and a sharp knowledge.Scholars and students are also learning through their entire life.Not only academicians but all people in this universe is learning through their entire life about various things and from various experiences.

To conclude we have to prioritize our education over anything in our life.Education is important for personality development.A nation can be said to be developed only if every citizens in it have provided with equal opportunities.Education should be provided without any gender bias.Some traditional culture would not support women to be educated.They have to change their perspectives and they have to rise from their cocoon.We can break all shackles from our life through high standard of living that can only be achieved through a proper education.

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