The better you attract, The better you become

Have you ever felt attracted towards something or someone just by a glimpse of sight? Yeah, that’s what the attraction of energy is. Everything in the universe has its unique energy with different frequencies and vibrations.
There’s a famous quote by Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

In childhood, we all have been taught to maintain a relationship with good people only. The reason being behind is if we attract the good people energy we will become good too but if we will be in a bad angry we will behave the same.

Each one of us desires to live in a calming and peaceful environment. It is important to understand the angry within us is affected by our surroundings, the better the energy the better you will feel, the better you will become

Everything starts with what kind of energy you are putting into the universe. And the energy you are attracting from the universe. If you think of something positive you will tend to attract that and if you think of negative vice-versa will happen. Here the law of attraction came into action. You will become what you will think. The more positive you are around the happier you become. The way to do this is by associating yourself with better energy.

Lastly, I would like to note that if you want to become better you will get rid of all negative energy aspects in your life. It could be negative people, negative things, bad habits. You will feel the benefit of all that bad energy lifted from your life. Then Your life will become better.