Body parts that you can trade for money

It’s will amuse you to know that you can sell your body parts and People will pay hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars for certain body parts.

Note that “selling” a body part isn’t the same as putting your futon up for sale on Craigslist. Except for selling ad space on your skin, most forms of giving body parts are technically donations, but it’s common practice to be compensated in cash. 

Being compensated for all of the parts listed below is legal, but we don’t necessarily recommend it. There are other — more conventional — ways to supplement your income.

1. Hair up to $1,000

Like blood, hair is easy enough to donate to a good cause (like Locks of Love). But it’s also entirely possible to sell it at a pretty sweet price point.

The trick is to keep it as long and “virginal” as possible. That means no harmful hair dyes or other chemical treatments that could damage the quality. Buyers are likely looking to make wigs, and they’re not going to be interested in your split ends.

According to Wisebread, one woman made as much as $1,000 on her locks in just a week by posting an ad on

2. Sperm: $ 125 per sample

The going rate: $125 for each acceptable sperm sample — which can add up to about $600 per month — according to the Sperm Bank of California.

You’ll have to meet some very specific qualifications first. Here’s the list of requirements for potential donors at SBC:

• Between ages 20 and 39

• At least 5’7″

• Can make a six to 12 month commitment

• Live within 25 miles of the office

• Can provide a family medical history

• Are able to work legally in the US

• Have completed or are pursuing a college degree

Look for sperm banks near you.

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