How to grow your Instagram!

Are you someone who struggles with low Instagram traffic? Do you want to grow your business with Instagram? Well if you are someone who is using Instagram just to pass time and for entertainment then this article is not for you. But if you are a small business owner or an influencer and someone wondering to know ways to grow Instagram. Then you are at the right blog. I will be telling you how you can grow your Instagram and your business too.

Firstly let me make you conscious of some missteps that you might be doing.
• Having no plan
• No structure of post
• Not posting consistently
• Not engaging with the audience and other relating accounts.
• Having a confusing profile
• Neglecting story and reels.

Now as there are many mistakes that someone makes on Instagram similarly there are certain steps by which you can grow your Instagram. To grow your Instagram you have to work on certain areas of your account
1. Profile and feed
2. Content quality
3. Stories and reels
4. Going with the Trend

Working on the profile and feed
• As a social media person firstly you need to have a well-structured profile. Change your account to a business profile. Think of your profile photo. Now if you are someone who is an influencer then put your face on the profile. But if you are someone running a business then it will be good to put your logo on the profile. Write a clear and crisp bio description of you on the profile, that should make an impact on the visitors. Introduce you and your business on the profile so that visitors don’t face any confusion regarding your profile.
• Having a theme-based feed is also a not a bad idea. But you can organize your feed in a theme-based manner. Your feed will make a noticeable impact on the visitors. When someone will see your profile feed and will feel attraction he or she will engage with it.
• If you have a website or store then put that on your profile. It will enhance visitor trust in your profile.

Working with the content
When it comes to content the only key is following a niche profile. Post a good quality content. Posting something irrelevant is surely of no use. The other thing that works great is the entertainment. No doubt many people scroll through Instagram for entertainment. They are someone who opens Instagram with no prior things in their mind. But just think of that if you can provide them their entertainment then they will engage with you. If you show them something entertaining and relating ut with your product it is obvious that your product will leave an impact on viewers’ minds. The person who opened Instagram with no idea will have your product in his mind and it will be a great possibility that he will react to your content.

Getting on with the trend
• Link your account to the trend. Makes a post relating them to a Trend this is going. Recreate trending reels with your content. Use trending songs to showcase your products.
• Go with the trending memes. Connect your content to the memes. People find memes very entertaining so they react to them.
• Research with the trend and find which Trend fits your niche or profile. And then go for it.

Now let’s talk about the strategy.

1. Content plan
2. Engaging with the audience
3. Analysing insights and performance

Content plan: Have a plan before posting anything. Write the idea. Decide what you have to post? Think in terms of story and reels. Make sure you do the proper research. Go through the hashtags that are following the content post. Use some trending hashtags to get random traffic. As we talked earlier about the trend, so trends can the high ups for your profile. People like to see what they connect to, make a connection between your post and people. They must feel connected so they can react.

Post: Post clear and use high-quality images in the feed. Use valid and niche hashtags. Make a theme-based feed.

Story: Posting a story and showing up yourself in the story makes a personal connection with the audience. They get to know that you are constantly active. Stories have so many interactive options by which you can conduct a poll, ask a question, these are the best way to engage with the audience.

Reels: Reels are the new gig that everyone should try. Talking about why you should try reels? Instagram shows your reel to the relevant audience. Reels give a huge opportunity to go viral increase your branding. Instagram allows you to make a reel for up to 30 seconds. Post reels with trading topics and connects them with your product. Make entertaining videos. Your audience will enjoy and engage with you.

IGTV: The idea of IGTV is to serve a long video. IGTV is much a way similar to television channels. Instead of searching content by topics, flip to IGTV as you please. The challenge that adds up with IGTV is they can’t be reached with hashtags. So it makes it harder to reach new followers through IGTV. To get success from IGTV you need to have a large following. You can post tutorial videos, introduction videos, FAQ videos, on IGTV.

Engaging with the audience

Don’t just do posting and ghosting. It’s very important to engage with the audience after you post. Reply to comments. Connect with other followers who reacted to your previous post. Try to know the behavior of the audience. Make a connection with followers through polls, quizzes, and DMs.

How can someone dare to ignore the Instagram algorithm? While no one can crack the Instagram Algorithm, these are the things you can proactively do to equalize its effects.

Analyzing insights and performance

It’s important to analyze your post. Keep a track of reports. Note what worked for you and what didn’t. Engage with the audience through comments, story polls, and DMs. Look through what the audience wants from you. Understand your audience before building your connection.

A tip that can be used to grow your Instagram is connecting other social platforms. Post on other platforms like tik-tok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,… etc. This will increase your audience for sure. And if you are someone who is running a business they will surely help you gain more clients. Instagram have a great user base, but it’s not easy to reach.

Lastly, do what you like. This is not a rule that more followers lead to more engagement and more clients. Engage with what you have. And this will take you to expansion.