Anna Sewell’s is best known for her children’s novel “Black Beauty” Earlier Sewell thought to write this book as a horse manual then she found out to put in a didactive way.It is in the form of a horse’s autobiography.The novel is written in the first person narrative of the titular horse Black Beauty.There were lot of other animal characters in this novel which helps to understand the problems faced by horses.Anna Sewell used the technique of anthropomorphism in this novle to persuade children and adult readers alike to think in the shoe of horse.Anna Sewell in her own life had a horse, which made her mobile during her weak days. She fell down at the age of fourteen then she became a cripple.She was more aware about taking care of horses.

Anna Sewell portrays the life of cab drivers in England during that time. After the publication of this novel cab owner’s license related issues are solved and also the copy of this book is sold among cab drivers.This book can be considered as a horse manual.Now a days exploitations against animals are increasing, in this scenario this book is relevant to teach the young generation to take care about animals. Sewell narrates the stories of horses , whose life are exploited by humans for their selfish needs.Humans cut the ear and tail of some animals and they do not think about the consequences that effect the animals.If animal’s tails are cut off they could not prevent themselves from small insects.Animals have a natural nobility and they only act violently based on how we treat them.

Some horse owners would not show mercy towards this dumb animals , in some part Black Beauty wishes to communicate his own problem with the cab owners.Humans also scientifically mix the breed of the animals which cause them harm.Black Beauty’s best friend is Ginger.Ginger is a short tempered horse and she has been treated very cruel by former owners.Here Sewell draws readers attention towards the problems faced by horses under different owners.Black Beauty meets a horse which is a special breed maade by human without height ,so that horse laments about it’s own existence.This novel persuades readers to take caare of their pet animals and also all creatures in gneral.This narrative helps us to understand how animals view humans, although the horses in this novel do not converse with humans.

Animal have a supernatural instinct to detect any danger.The protagonist in this novel Black Beauty is also able to sense such supernatural effects. One day Beauty was going with his owner and showed relectunce to go through a bridge and the fact was that the bridge was damaged.In this way Black Beauty helped his owner’s life from danger.To conclude Sewell also mocks the follies of humans.Some cab owners are portrayed as drunkards,also cruel men who do not clean the horse’s stable properly and do not properly feed the horses.Various problems of horses are portrayed in a ficticious way.Sewell is successful in depicting the story of horses from their point of view.

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