NASA posts image of ‘Hand of God’, netizens are awestruck

NASA posts image of `Hand of God`, netizens are awestruck

Space is full of surprises and wonders. The beauty is unparalleled and sometimes we come across such a beauty that we can’t help but be mesmerised and ascribe some meaning to the resplendent celestial structure.

Trust NASA to send such pictures our way! The space agency regularly posts photos it clicks via its social media channels. And on of its photos has us go gaga again.

The image is of ‘Hand of God’. The photo shows a golden structure on the background of deep black of the space that has arranged itself to resemble a hand. And it would have been surprising if this would’ve got called anything but ‘hand of God’. The structure appears to pop out of nothingness, just like a Supreme Being wanting to convey his blessings and nothing more. Take a look at the image.

NASA explains that the golden structure is a nebula of energy and particles blown by a pulsar. The pulsar has been left behind after explosion of a star. This pulsar is known as PSR B1509-58. It is about 19 kilometres in diamters. Mind boggling thing is that it is spinning around itself 7 times per second. It is 17,000 lightyears away from Earth.

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