Car Market in India during Pandemic Covid-19

The impact of pandemic covid-19 in India has been vastly disruptive in terms of loss of life and economic movement.
Almost every sector has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Production cut due to decline in demand of cars during covid-19 also impacted employment growth negatively.

As the domestic demand and export stopped with some notable exceptions. Pandemic with the lockdown derived in shutting down of production in automobile industries and impacted car marketing in India. In addition, the reduction in the consumer demand for cars is also increased. The car market during covid-19 in India had the hardest hit.

With the statement of automobiles Manufacturers society, the car market registers a negative growth in sales. But that’s not equally true for all. Still, luxury car manufacture said they are seeing a boom in the demand despite the pandemic. While studying the car market trends during covid-19. Profits are been made on the kind of car being sold during pandemic covid-19. Overall car sales were down compared with the previous year. As lockdown is giving ease in some cities hence people are electing to buy cars rather then using public transport. The reason being behind is people are afraid of using public transport while concerning about their safety.
The main Impact that the car market during covid-19 submitted is the slowdown in the demand for new cars and increase in demand for used cars. Because Used cars are budget-friendly and the supply of new cars is slow. Nowadays, The supply and demand all are delivered online. The available option is more.

The picture is improving however, the manufacturers must start the production after relief from the second wave of the covid-19. Confirming the protection of its employees and customers. Following the social distancing and vaccination. In addition, the government has decided to support The car market during covid19 by its policies, such as decreasing the cost of raw material required and cutting down the tax rates on automobiles. All such measures can help the market to recover sooner and tougher.