Gulliver describes Lilliputians  as ingenious people.They treated him with so much expense and magnificence. These people are most excellent Mathematicians, and arrived to a great perfection in Mechanics, by the countenance and encouragement of the emperor, who is a renowned patron of learning.Lilliputians  considered fraud as greater crime than theft.They always punish fraud with death. The nurseries for males of noble or eminent birth, are provided with brave and learned professors, and their several deputies. The clothes and food of the children are plain and simple. They are bred up in the principles of honour,justice, courage, modesty, clemency, religion, and love of their country. The cottagers and labourers keep their children at home, their business being only to till and cultivate the earth, and therefore their education is of little consequence to the them.Lilliputians are talented  engineers because  they have been able to inveny and construct  an enormous carriage.Lilliputians tests physical power  and agility, instead of moral power and reason to  determine who will hold its governmental offices.The laws of Lilliput are also very different  to English laws. They regard trade as very important  and they think that trade depends on honesty. Lilliputians are tiny people and Swift draws an analogy upon their physical size by linking that their smallness in character.


Emperor of Lilliput  is an excellent horse man.He is strong,masculine and all his motions are graceful and his deportment is majestic.He is twenty eight years and three quarters old. The Emperor has  good leadership qualities such as he frequently conducts councils inorder to debate about what course should be taken with Gulliver,because his diet is very expensive and might cause  a famine.As Gulliver made great progress in learning their language ,Emperor frequently  honoured him with his visits.He also gives permission to Gulliver to move around  in the kingdom only on the condition that he will not hurt anyone. The Emperor takes  wisest decisions  according to the advise of council.He strictly implemented  laws of kingdom.The emperor gives Gulliver the land’s highest honor,’Nardac’.He longed to reduce the whole empire of Blefuscu in to a province and to govern it by a viceroy.He is very ambitious and wished to become the monarch of the whole world.

               The emperor is also deceptive,when Gulliver goes away to visit Blefuscu,the emperor seems as though he remains Gulliver’s friend ; however ,the emperor with other malicious courtiers  plot how to  rid the kingdom of their giant.The emperor  accuse him of treason and plan to execute him upon his return to Lilliput.This shows that the emperor is savage,merciless and selfish.He clearly thinks of highly himself and much less of practically everyone else. We can understand that  the Emperor only  sees Gulliver in terms of what Gullliver can do to bring him more power .The emperor is also egocentric and acts much like a despotic ruler.He demands that his officials walk on tight ropes and perform other dangerous acts to obtain and keep their jobs . The emperor shows lack of appreciation  for Gulliver both saving his wife’s life in the burning castle  and for repelling an attack on Lilliput by impeaching him.The emperor loves war and really wants to enslave people of his neighbouring Island.When  Gulliver refuses  to help him destroy Blefuscus freedom ,the emperor starts to hate Gulliver.


Filmnap is the treasurer in Lilliput,he had always been Gulliver’s secret enemy. He conceives a jealous hatred for Gulliver when he starts believing that his wife is having an affair with  Gulliver.He represented the low condition of treasury inorder to dismiss Gulliver from their country. Flimnap is a portrait of the weaknesses of character to which any human is prone but that become especially dangerous in those who wield great power. High- admiral, Filmnap is also described as Gulliver’s mortal enemy since his arrival.His hatred increased  since Gulliver’s great success against Blefuscu.


 Redresel ,Pricipal secretary of private affairs  in Lilliput .He is Gulliver’s true friend. He explains  the history of the political tensions between the two principal parties in the realm, the High-Heels and the Low-Heels to Gulliver.


Skyresh Bolgolam, High- admiral, who is the only member of the administration to oppose Gulliver’s liberation. Gulliver imagines that Skyresh’s enmity is simply personal, though there is no apparent reason for such hostility.


The empire of Blefuscu is an Island situated to the North-East of Lilliput. Blefuscians are prone to conspiracies and jealousies, and while they treat Gulliver well enough materially, they are quick to take advantage of him in political intrigues of various sorts. The two races have been in a longstanding war with each other in the interpretation of  proper way to  cut the eggs. Gulliver helps the Lilliputians defeat the Blefuscian navy, but he eventually leaves Lilliput and receives a warm welcome in the court of Blefuscu. by which Swift satirizes the arbitrariness of international relations.


Emperor of Blefuscu helped Gulliver to return to his native country. The emperor of Blefuscu is kind, as he grants Gulliver supplies to outfit the ship that Gulliver has found. The emperor of Blefuscu promises  protection t0o Gulliver , and he is sincere about granting it. However, when Gulliver decides that he would rather leave Blefuscu, the emperor agrees to Gulliver’s wishes, showing that the emperor is gracious and beneficent. In fact, the emperor gives Gulliver fifty purses filled with money. Gulliver trusts him and remarks on his generosity and grace.

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