Brobdignagians are the giants  whom Gulliver meets on his second voyage. Brobdingnagians are basically a reasonable and kindly people governed by a sense of justice. Even the farmer who abuses Gulliver, at the beginning he is gentle with him. The farmer’s daughter, Glumdalclitch, gives Gulliver perhaps the most kindhearted treatment he receives on any of his voyages. The Brobdingnagians do not exploit him for personal or political reasons, as the Lilliputians do. The Brobdingnagians do treat Gulliver as a plaything. When Gulliver tries to speak seriously with the king of Brobdingnag  about England, the king dismisses the English as odius, showing that deep discussion is not possible for Gulliver here.


 Gulliver’s first master in brobdignag.  The farmer speaks to Gulliver ,showing that he is willing to believe that the relatively tiny Gulliver may be as rational as he himself and treats him with gentlenss. However farmer puts Gulliver on display around brobdignag  which clearly shows that he would profit  from his discovery than converse with him as an equal.His exploitation of Gulliver  as a labourer, which nearly starves Gulliver to death,thus Gulliver’s health deteriorates.Generally farmer represents the average Brobdignagian of no great gifts or intelligence ,wielding an extraordinary power over  Gulliver simply by his virtue of his immense size.The farmer has  wife, three children and an old grandmother.He treats Gulliver as a slave.


Glumdaclitch  is farmer’s  daughter and she is nine years old. Gulliver called her ‘Glumdaclitch’, which is the word for ‘little nurse’ in their language.She is tender hearted amd taught Gulliver  many things. She gave him lessons  in their language.When queen discovers that no one is at court ,is suited to care for Gulliver ,she invites Glumdalclitch to live at court and she performs the function with great seriousness and attentiveness. She called Gulliver ‘Grildrig’, which means ‘little man’ in their language.According to Glumdaclitch Gulliver is a living doll ,symbolizing the general status Gulliver has in Brobdignag. She was a very talented and caring girl. She was quite concerned about him when her father’s greed to earn money by conducting Gulliver’s performances were having an adverse effect upon his health. She took Gulliver’s extra care after his life was in danger due to his small size. When a giant monkey abducted Gulliver, mistaking him for baby monkey, he got injured. Glumdalclitch nursed him back to health.


 The queen of Brobdignag , who is so delighted by Gullivers beauty and charms she agrees to buy him from the farmer for 1000 pieces of Gold.Gulliver  was out of all fear of being ill treated , under the protection of so great and good empress. Gulliver  appreciates her kindness. Gulliver describes the queen as an ornament of Nature,darling of the world and the phoenix of the creation.Gulliver also found his spirit revived by the august presence of the queen of Brobdingnag.


King of Brobdignag  is well educated  and he is an expert in Mathematics and in Philosophy.He seems to be true intellectual ,well versed in political science and  among other disciplines .The king’s relation to Gulliver is limited to serious discussions about the history and institutions of Gulliver’s native land.


 The queen’s dwarf is generally malevolent and conceives a particular antipathy for Gulliver. He is whipped several times for mistreating the only man at court smaller than he is, a proceeding which only increases his dislike.


Thomas Wilcocks is a captain  from Shropshire  and who saved Gulliver  from the bird  like  cage .He also entertained  Gulliver with great kindness  and comforted him.Thomas Wilcock is an educated person and he  have a good sense to understand others. He is an intelligent man who listens patiently to Gulliver’s story.

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