Social media has made more harm to young minds than a gen before. It’s showcase seemingly unnatural and unrealistic beauty,  they unconsciously scrolling it seeps into our mind that only those beauty.

People often make barriers to the subject of beauty- flat stomach tout, perky long legs, double eyelids, operated body to our needs. Such acts leave a mark on people about the beauty they think of.

People are so immersed in such social standards many have been affected with serious mental health issues. 

In reality, those pictures have taken an immense amount of effort with full make up equipment.

They are trying to promote a product, not a lifestyle. It is spreading the idea that supplements, diet pills and detox teas are the best way to achieve her body type, when in reality, it could not be further from the truth.

In day to day life such standards are too far away to measure. NOBODY HAS A PERFECT BODY, yes teens today need to be told that. They have to make comfortable to be as themselves in these seemingly misconceptions of beauty. It’s very important that teen realise that there body is just as good as Kim Kardashian, or Christian.

As in end like always said – teach them inner beauty, beauty of acceptance of their own looks and curves. These lessons must be taught beyond gender. Society as whole must tackle such narrow agend.

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