Human & Environment

“Food, Clothe, and Shelter” we all have been told that these are the basic requirements of an individual’s survival but have not we ever thought what is the basic requirement for existence? Isn’t the air we breathe in? Isn’t it the environment we dwell in?

Environment sheltered us, provided atmosphere to breathe, lithosphere to prevail & a lot more but as a human what we’ve done? In couple of years due to industrialization, chemical industries, excessive usage of fuel based vehicles, improper wastage management & a lot has resulted in degradation of the environment.

But also every problem has it’s solution & even the Impossible says ” I’m Possible”. We can together still make a change & work in betterment of the environment and we can achieve success in restoration of the environment by several practices like-


*Minimizing the usage of vehicles that leads to air pollution

*Encouraging & implementing carpool,using bicycles & even walking is walking for health as well.

*Spreading awareness among people about the consequences & trying to make our lives go eco-friendly.

We human beings are the superior most creation of the Almighty. Let us come together & work on the refinement of the environment & Mother Earth. Let us pledge to prevent it from pollution as much as possible & pay back to the love we’ve received from our environment. At end of the day where we will go if have left out residence destroyed.? Same is the case with our environment if we didn’t take care of it we’ll be drifting apart.

Conclusion : Invest a little of ourselves for the sake of the environment before it is delayed.

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