Being a social animal humans likely tend to have connection with like minded people & often that connection is termed as ‘Friendship’. In my opinion, I would rather say that it is incorrectly named as Friendship or to be precise people misinterpret temporary companionship as True Friendship & by the time an individual encounters the truth they’re left with nothing but grief and conceivably fails to put their trust in the same sort of relation again.

True Friends never have a face multiple faces.

Man is what essentially a self-seeker. So people seek the friendship of the one with of One with Affluence.They enjoy the phase in which they’re getting presents, then monetary help and a good many benefits. Another motive behind establishing such beneficial friendship is a feeding of good vanity to be seen in the company of the rich & the nobility. Such people court the favor of the wealthy for materialistic gains & desert them the moment they lose their riches. No true friend does that rather he stands by him through thick & thin. & the reason why the saying ” A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED” it is popularly related when we talk about True Friendship.

In today’s scenario the definition of Friendship has changed. A group of people hanging around, go on outings, partying are considered to be friends. It has all been about escaping reality & showing off privileges exercised from one another. The essence of True Friendship has been lost.

Life around us bears witness to the truth that it is never the same but it keeps on expanding on a different hierarchy. Some days bring peace while some have hardships in it & the true ones be it friends or any other form of relationship stays by our sides & those who abandon us in adversities were never meant to be.

Thus it is,that affluence brings friends but adversity perusal them.

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