The story revolves around a boy whose a expeditious effort saved everyone from being in a huge challenge.

One fine afternoon a Dutch boy was off his duty. He took his afternoon tea and went to have a walk along the dykes which kept the sea from the low lands. He saw a slight moisture in one spot of the dykes. He examined it with his fingers & found a tiny hole.

What should I do now? Leave it or look into it?

The boy grew serious. He knew that the force of the water would widen the hole & these protective sea walls would fall down in course of time. This idea brought the scene of ruin before his eyes. He made up his mind to put a stop to such a trouble at any cost. He puts his fingers in the tiny hole.

He might go home but he would not go. Little did he care for food, sleep and loneliness. The day dawned. His parents grew very anxious about him. They made a thorough search of him in the village but all in vain.

The next morning when a team went to spot to rectify the fault existing they were surprised to know how that boy being selfless handled the situation for that night & what could have happened if he wasn’t there. His mother father they all were very happy to discover that their son had done a heroic deed last night. They felt very proud when they knew that he had saved the whole country from a great disaster. He had not put a stop to the water, a great disaster would have certainly befallen on the country.

Often we tend to ignore or end up procrastinating the problems in front of the sight & that’s how we unknowingly invite the bigger troubles.Thus conclusion is ‘A stitch on time saves nine’.

Do it before it is no longer Doable.!!

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