Journalism – a mess?

Most heard but often less analysed by us is this profession. It is often called the mouthpiece of democracy, free and fair analysis of government, people’s voice many other things.

Journalism is the idea of showing a transparent World to the people. It has provided the world withfast and accurate information. It has saved Many lives, days and disasters from happening.

But is it all a positive outcome of journalism? It has fines for some works that the public does not approve of. We all know the infamous Daina story. Not only her but many celebrities have faced such issues. Many politicians have misused journalism. Much misinformation has spread at the centre of transparency. Journalism has always been a trusted source of information to the general public. Even in times of social media, the power of media is not diluted. It has given birth to something called ‘Free journalism’.

Many young people come out speaking of politics and society without affiliating with any media house or group of people. Some famous free journalism platforms are – YouTube, social media and OhMynews. One reason for this new culture is the disbelief and mistrust in the traditional media. Many news nowadays can be riged or just boomed to unrealistically. With many media houses there is a rush of news. News that are exaggerated and unnecessary gags which dilutes the value.

Recent years have made public more and more aware of such gags and beliefs for profiteering breaking there purpose. It’s becoming a mess where they only look for money and publicity and popularity. Some still there is some principal sticking journalist and media houses.

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