K- show recommendation

It’s usually called ‘drama’ . Korean shows have recently been gaining popularity. The new show ‘Squid game’  has instantly trending worldwide.

K-show makes up to  2.02 bn revenue for South Korea.

They have also given nations incredible soft power over people around the world. They can influence trends and cultures or sometimes lifestyle too. It also proved a boomer of business to other sectors in Korea. Here are a few top shows that might interest you.

1)Mr. Queen: One of most hilarious drama in the newest realise. It has a story of how a woman in the history of Korea suffered in a royal Household. It also has a light romance side.

2)Vincenzo: It’s old mafia styled. A italian consilerr comes back to Korea and finds his good side working for a lawyer. It is available on Netflix.

This series is a must watch for beginners.

3)Crash landing on you: it’s a romantic drama with sorrowful twists. It shows the relationship and difference between North Korea and South Korea in the present day. If you are into romance drama it is best k-shiw can do for you.

4)Goblin: Show made it 2016. It is a cult hit in Korean shows. It set a benchmark for supernatural genre show. It feels story of a supernatural being looking for a wife to end his life. It’s a sorrowful romance that will make you cry till the end.

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