Advantages of multilingualism

Knowing one language is essential human need but learning more than one dialect can bring about new opportunities for any person. Multilingualism not just opens up career opportunities for an individual but also the cognitive benefits of being multilingual are further more than people know. Studies reveal that about 60 to 75 percent of the world population is multilingual. Even certain countries have more than one official language and have made the option to learn a second language mandatory in their school curricula.

Let’s know further the lesser known benefits of multilingualism.

>Sharpens mind

A study at Spain’s Pompeu Fabra University reveals that the effect of a second language acquired later in life can be seen in the growth of brain. While learning a new language sharpens the brain, it also causes the brain to grow and develop proficiency in the first language. Multilinguals have better concentration and observation and analytical skills than monolinguals.

>Improves learning abilities

Memory is a fundamental in learning languages where one gets familiar with not only new vocabulary and rules but also requires the ability to recall the information. The more the use of brain, the better it performs. This enhances one’s learning and memorizing abilities.

>Enhances decision making

Multilingualism leads to flexible and critical thinking and logical reasoning enhancing the decision making ability. Innovative and creative decisions for the betterment of everyone and the society are a part of the improved ability.

>Lessens mental decline in old age

It has been suggested by studies that requirements associated with bilingual or multilingual people act as mental exercise for the brain which may lead to delay in the symptoms of Alzheimer′s disease and other forms of dementia.

>Increases career opportunities

Business companies these days look for individuals of bilingual or multilingual ability considering the diversity of the world. Companies operating in more than one country prefer multilinguistic candidates. Also, tourism and marketing sector provide wide range of opportunities to multi-lingual individuals.

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