Things we are afraid of


The root cause of fearing failure is the underlying embarassment and shame. In our society where a person is judged on the basis of the grades and achievements, failure is not observed as a life lesson but the end of career, opportunities and all good things that could ever happen to you. The fear of failing is accompanied by emotions like unworthiness, inferiority complex, low self esteem and fear of rejection.

>Not being good enough

Psychology says ‘not being good enough’ is rather a thought than fear. It is usually our inner critic which is often doubtful about our survival in the competitive world out there. It is a result of negative thoughts, feeling of low self-esteem, comparing self with others or pressure from peers, family, relatives and society for not having the right job, good relationships, poor lifestyle etc. leading to self doubt.

>Asking for help

Asking for help makes a lot of people uneasy. It is sometimes due to the fear of rejection out of which people end up struggling for it forever. Another cause of it is the dependency factor for which self reliable people are mostly not ready. Also, asking for help might be seen by many as burdening someone else or a burden by the helper themselves.

>Raising hand in class

Not raing hand in the class even being doubtful about something is a prominent issue among many students. It is most probably due to the factor of confronting your weaknesses publicly. Not everybody’s got the courage to stand upto their weaknesses and inabilities as we doubt being made fun of most of the times.

>Being vulnerable

The fear of being vulnerable is a central emotional challenge. It is due failure in relationships, fear of rejection, abandonment or lack of attention from loved ones. It is a state of isolation where giving or receiving positive thoughts becomes difficult leading to discomfort and lonliness.

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