Benefits of internship

Having fair a great degree is not sufficient to guarantee one to have a great work as well in today’s world. Extra capabilities and work experience have presently become a fundamental for a successful career. These are considered as essential as qualifications and degrees. Here comes the need of an internship. Internship is a short-term work experience offered by a company, association or organisation to students or recent graduates for a limited period of time, either paid or unpaid. These are in the form of work experience cum training, volunteership or interning at any company etc. It is more of a learning experience than work which benefits interns by providing entry level exposure to particular fields of industry. Interns spend time working on projects, learning field work, developing soft and hard skills and making industry related connections. Moreover, certain internships do tend to full time job opportunities.

Benefits of internship

>Work experience

The very benefit of any internship is the work experience the interns gain out of it. The sort of experience one gains from internship is something that cannot be obtained through classroom instruction. Interns have the opportunity to make practical use of the skills they acquire and deal with real world challenges.

>Character enhancement and development of skills

While working for an organisation, one learns not only technical skills but also develops soft skills and work ethics. One gets to know about strengths and weaknesses. Internships also provide exposure to real life challenges in work which prove beneficial in future while in full time jobs.

>Gaining confidence

Internships allow interns to put to test the skills and knowledge they acquire in a safe environment that help gain confidence.

> Monetary benefit

Many internships are paid in case of which interns get a chance to earn while learning at the same time.

>Full-time job

Many companies use internships as path of recruitment of skilled freshers. It is more of an easy method wherein the recruiters can train, test and analyse the skills of the interns and later hire them on permanent basis if favourable for the company.

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