Value based education – need of the hour

We must have heard a common statement that what we are taught in schools is nearly of no practical use in real life. Liberals wishing to bring about changes in the education system are often questioning the productivity of present methodology of education in our country. Certain claims are also made which suggest that the present methods of teaching encourage more of route learning focusing on earning good grades than enabling students to adapt genuine understanding and learning abilities. Here the question arises if the nation is lagging in providing proper and practical education to children. Certainly not. It is just the fact that focus these days is more on achieving good grades and earning as many degrees as possible which would further lead to lucrative career opportunities than inculcating in students good conduct and values, positive attitude and making meaningful use of the education they receive. Herein comes the need of value based education which focuses on making students more sensible, responsible and leading a successful life in a better way where people come together as one.

Value based education is a domain which not only focuses on usual school curriculum but is also capable of developing individuals mentally and emotionally motivating them to serve the true purpose of education. Unlike traditional education where the students are bound to typical subjects and course of study value based education along with regular path of study lays stress on incorporating ethical values, denouncing inhuman behaviour, equal treatment towards everyone, empathy etc in students. Moreover, students learn life skills such as discipline, team work, leadership qualities etc which prove to be beneficial in long run. Skills like these build a strong foundation not only for students but also for a nation as these are stepping stones towards progress and prosperity within.

In a country like India where values, ethics and giving and helping attitude towards others are the major principles of the nation value based education is a step towards enhancement and progress. Since ancient times education in India has aimed to inculcate strong morals and self conduct in the citizens. Indian perspective of education has always been to educate the citizens in such a way that they acquire present day wisdom along with preserving the culture and heritage of the nation. However, we do observe the true purpose of education fading away with passing time. Need of the hour is to explore the scope of value based education in future and analyze various ways of imparting the same.

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