Right to Equality (Article 14-18)

As a citizen of India, we know that our constitution has endowed us with factual rights but very few of us know about it in the depth, can’t say if it is ignorance or lack of awareness among people. Let us know about Article 14

It says that the State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.

  • It is avalaible to any person including any legal person viz. statutory corporation, companies, etc
  • The cocept of equality before law is of British origin while the concept of equal protection of laws has been taken from the Constitution of USA.
  • The concept of rule of law is a negative concept while the concept of equal protection of laws is a positive concept.
  • The concept of equality before law is equivalent to the second element of the concept of the ‘rule of law’ propounded by A.D.Dicey, the British jurist. But certain exceptions to it arer, the President of India, State Governors, Public Servants, Judges, Foriegn Diplomats, etc., who enjoy immunities, protections and special priviledges.

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