Let bygones be bygones..

Everywhere, everytime what we observe is nothing more than the unhappy moments. Or may be we have become habitual of seeing everything in negative perspective.

Just ask someone, “how’s life going on”, & you will get the replies like these, “Ok”, “Not good”, “Bad”, “It’s just going on, don’t ask how”. You”ll find only a few who”ll reply you,”Oh.. It’s awesome..” or “it’s fantastic”. It simply shows that if not frustrated, people aren’t really happy with their lives.

And if you starting asking them the reasons, then you’ll soon realize that a thing is common among most of their problems.

The Past, or I must say the memories of past are the reasons behind most of our problems. I’m not saying that one should forget everything about the past. But it’s not worthy to live in past at all.

Worrying about what has happened,or what you’ve said to someone, or what someone once said to you, or how you broke up with someone or something, or how you shouldn’t have wasted your time, or how you should have done this or that thing or how you shouldn’t have done this or that thing isn’t ok. These worries make one less happy & more frustrated.

The life isn’t all about your past, it’s much more than this. Ok, it’s not easy to get over the memories, how good or bad they were, doesn’t matter. But just remember, that it’s not the memories, which are bothering you, but it’s your over thinking that makes you feel frustrated.

If something has happened in past, just learn from it. Grow up, be mature, don’t over think about the past incidents.

Focus on present, let the bygones be bygones.

Happy Reading…🙂

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️