Let bygones be bygones..

Everywhere, everytime what we observe is nothing more than the unhappy moments. Or may be we have become habitual of seeing everything in negative perspective. Just ask someone, “how’s life going on”, & you will get the replies like these, “Ok”, “Not good”, “Bad”, “It’s just going on, don’t ask […]

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Memories – The unforgettable demons

Memories are reminders of what you have lost. They remind you of a good time in a bad way. They are out there challenging you to face them, to remember them and to be devastated by them. They hurt you sometimes and sometimes they don’t. You can’t control them. Nobody […]

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The past is never where you think you left it Everyone have their very own past. Someone had success story in it. Someone had failures too. But it doesn’t matter the past is something that shows who you are up to oru what you’ve been brought up. The past is […]

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