5 Digital Trends that revolutionised 2021

In the online world, lockdown, distance learning, working from home etc have had an enormous impact on us. And not to mention people and businesses alongwith changing technology and trends have had to push onwards and upwards to adapt to the changes and keep ahead in the competition. But with more and more people constricted to the online world, there has been a shift in the type of visual content being consumed and created that led to blooming of design trends and techniques.
Mentioned below are some of design trends that will keep on pushing onwards and upwards into 2021.

1)3D design
3D design technology has been on the radar and will only likely to grow in 2021 as well. Animated 3D figure gives the whole concept a realistic and tangible feeling. Digital-and web designers often use 3D visualization for their products and processes on websites and social media.

Why we love it : Apart from the illusion of depth, what distinguishes this style is the usage of vibrant colors. The textures have got a touch of reality that make it look more like a photo than an illustration.

Who did it best : Tommy Hilfiger.

2)Optical Illusion Design

It is common knowledge that the human eye can be deceived, hence people often have different reactions when they encounter various optical illusions. But optical illusion can work wonders in enhancing a design if one knows how to use them correctly! Optical illusions can not only add an intriguing part to the design but can also brand many products and services. This design trend will work best for brands associated with movement or spirituality.

Why we love it : Since human brains are tuned to learning new things, henceforth optical illusions astonish us cause when we realise what we thought we saw was completely different from what was real.

Who did it best : KitKat

3) Comics and pop art

Pop art and comic books were wildly popular in pop culture and worldwide, decades ago. Comics often use halftones or simplified dot shading to represent color.
The designers in 2021 have been using graphics and illustrative techniques of book art styles as a way to create drama and motion and rescue modern art.

Why we love it : Pop art is fun and approachable. It takes clues from popular culture and it’s subject matter is based on what we deal with everyday like food, entertainment etc. The best part is it is not a complex artwork and has got no hidden meanings to decipher, and because it deals with bold colors often, it appears cheerful to the viewers.

Who did it best : WOW! Chips for girls

4) Black and white design

We are seeing more and more companies adapting to a darker palette. Infact most social media apps have the option to switch to a dark mode color scheme as a preference in their settings since it is less harsh to our eyes. Since the coronavirus pandemic has made our lives “go online” , there comes a huge need to minimize the eye strain. Therefore design schemes with a dark background is being adapted that makes the text pop alongwith minimizing the strain put on eyes. This year more websites and apps will likely be adapting the dark mode.

Why we love it : we love this design cause of it’s subtleness and helps the viewer focus on other aspects of the photo, such as the subject, the textures, shapes, patterns etc by removing the distraction of color. It helps to add statement to the design.

Who did it best : Chanel

5) Retrofuturism

Retrofuturism has prevailed due to it’s bold imagination and will keep on strongly emerging into the design world in 2021. It involves vibrant colors and tech inspired typography all within retro style illustrations and artwork. It involves the occurrence of futuristic themes in retro settings.

Why we love it : This design provides us with an antidote to our uncertain times and encompasses ideas of freedom, hope, liberation, and positivity. Retrofuturism provides a positive outlook which points towards a utopian future, maybe that’s what people want to buy into in these dark times of the pandemic.

Who did it best : Paco Rabanne

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