The country with the strictest travel rules for tourists

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A lot of us like to travel and visit places. Taking a short break from our monotonous daily routine surely does make us feel refereshed and energised. But today, i am going to take you to a tour to North Korea where we have to follow the strictest travel rules on the planet. If you reside in USA, South Korea or Malaysia, it is highly likely that you may never get to see North Korea with your eyes unless you get a special permission from both country’s governements. Incase you are wondering why travelling might be difficult for people belonging to these 3 countries, it is simply cause of the leader of North Korea named Kim Jong-un who has a disliking towards these countries. But incase, you make it, make sure not to take blue denims or have any piercings or makeup with you since they are banned in the country. Also, taking Bible with you is a big NO NO since it can get you publicly executed. For North Koreans, their leaders are worshipped as Gods and henceforth practising any other religion is prohibited. It is officially an atheist state, and government policy continues to interfere with an individual’s ability to practice a religion. Also, before boarding your flight you might want to check your phones if they contain any pictures or videos that might go against their culture or their government and delete them before stepping onto North Korean soil since they might get you into trouble. Whilst touring in North Korea, your tour guide will watch you very closely and you won’t have any freedom of clicking random pictures cause if you click any wrong pictures of museums, galleries, police, soldiers or even poor people, you and you tour guide might be tagged as spies by authorities. Also, talking to locals and being friendly with them can make the government dubious enough to regard you as a spy! One cannot make fun of their leaders or point fingers at their statues unless someone wants to get arrested right on spot. Even when you get back to your hotel , you need to be cautious since telephones, tv etc are likely wiretapped! You may visit their country and come back free and safe to your own country but unfortunately, these and much more stricter and harsh laws are the reality of over 25 million North Koreans.

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