Superstition in Hinduism

Religion in India is very dominant over its people. People have blind trust and faith in the religion and it's practices. In India people can get killed, and people can kill for their religion.

From the day a person is born to the day he dies, he lives his entire life superstitiously. If he tries to make any progress, the fear of sin, God etc will stop him.

Indian society is a male dominated society. It doesn't matter what the standard of living of a particular person is, still his thinking and actions somewhere supports that pillar. I believe the rise in population of India is due to the desire for a baby boy instead of a girl. Here it is believed that if you keep a vow to any of the Gods and seek for a boy child, that couple would definitely get it. Sometimes by luck they get a boy and this increases the faith and belief in vows.

People make a deal with God that if I get this job I will give you this. If my son recovers soon, I will come and give you this. There are thousands of ways in which people bribe God for their own good. Even if God existed, he would never need anything as he is supreme.

It is believed that skipping one meal in a week is good for health, but here in the Hindu religion, keeping fast is to appease God, who doesn't exist. Keeping fast also doesn't mean to eat nothing, one could eat fruits and various other stuff which is not made up of wheat and all. How can a person be so selfish? Even if he is not eating, he is keeping a vow, he is doing this for his own benefit.

Before marriage it's not important to see whether a girl and boy love each other, like each other or understand each other. It's ok if thinking doesn't match, matching a horoscope is far more necessary and important. If something is going wrong between the couple after marriage it is because of the bad position and conditions of various planets in space. It's really hard to make people understand that the universe is one, the position of various planets is fixed in the orbits, how could it affect a man sitting on the earth? How can one relate to this craziness? It's really strange and shocking to see this behavior of a growing and developing society.

When a person dies and is taken for funeral, only boys can burn the dead body of his/her mother or father. Girls are not not allowed to go to the cremation grounds. This is not because they know the scientific reason, it's because they are girls.

Girls aren't allowed to enter the temple of Lord Hanuman because he never married. On one hand they worship him and on the other hand he wasn't married so girls cannot touch his statue.

People believe in the fact that ghosts exist in this world. Many claim that they have seen souls, only bad souls which eat a person at once or take him away. Where do those souls take them? No one knows. The level of Dumbness is hard to express in words. In this world no soul exists. The human body is like a machine with an additional feature of feelings, emotions and capability to think high. Heart is the engine, which pumps throughout life, the day that engine stops working, the machine is of no use. It's a kind of machine that if engine fails once it's impossible to repair it. With the body all emotions, all functions stop working. That's the end. Nobody can restart and can make it work in the form of ghosts or souls. All the evil and angels exist and live inside you and end with you.

When people worse than ghosts exist in front of your eyes openly, what's the need of bad souls which only comes in night and darkness? To trouble you? Vibes of people matter that can be evil or god.

Menstruation is one of the natural processes which every girl has to face after the age of 12 till 45-50. It's a very beautiful process created by the universe, for reproduction, and to create your young ones. In a girl’s body,  eggs exist which she lays over the membrane of blood in her ovary duct. Every month that membrane of blood waits for the sperm to fuse which later becomes a foetus and becomes a child. When the egg doesn't receive any sperm that layer breaks down and blood comes out of the body every month, which causes pain and various other problems to a girl.However, due to superstitions, a lot of stigma is attached to this beautiful process. Girl is forced to be singled out by barring her from entering temples and kitchens, to name a few places. It is so humiliating to know that everyone now knows you are having periods. This is a private thing, there is no reason to make it public, and a point of discussion.India is one of the major emerging and growing countries of the world. On one hand it is going towards westernization in terms of technology, culture and standard of living and on the other hand at ground reality it is stuck to the same old mentality.There are infinite examples to give upon these superstitious behavior of the people . Majorly in Hindu religion. For real development and progress Indian society has to rise above all these, that only will lead to real development and progress. 

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