Covid extends the interval of theatre

Nishant Bharatiya and Ridhima Raina

Jaipur.       The budding journalists interacted with theater actor/director Mr. Chitrarth Mishra, they discussed about the current scenario of theatre artists as affected by the pandemic. Mr. Mishra explained that currently the artists are waiting for state governments guidelines for further shows but also requesting the local auditoriums to provide them seating spaces for some time so they can perform in front of enough audience to cover up the expenses of director and the crew. These artists have also been planning with JKK to organise events or festivals to perform the plays that have been on hold from the past year.

Some artists have been performing at different venues with less people about 10-15 in open spaces with every person sitting in a distance of 2-6 feet. And all the people were to be checked and sanitized who entered the venue. Mr. Mishra told about the workshops and classes organized by the local artists for aspiring actors but they have to do that virtually as the number of covid cases rose, he said that they might plan on taking offline classes with a number of 20 members at a time if the condition gets better. These online workshops though have not been a complete success as according to Mr. Mishra acting is more of an physical activity but learning acting virtually has made it more of a lecture. Mr. Mishra said that plays have been performed online but people don’t seem to like attending them because amid this pandemic people’s lives have been revolving around these digital platforms.

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