Rise in views of web series during covid 19.

Web series usually refer to series that are available on the various platforms like netflix , amazon prime , youtube
etcetera. During the pandemic there has been a rapid increase in the veiws

orms, too .One third of 55-64-year-olds, and 15% of people aged 65+ used subscription
services in the early weeks of lockdown.

The majority signed up to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, although Disney+ overtook Now TV as the third most
popular paid-for streaming platform .Older viewers, who typically watch more traditional broadcast TV, increased
their use of streaming platf

The study, entitled Media Nations 2020, suggested that as lockdown
measures eased towards the end of June, the uplift in streaming services held firm – 71% up on the same time last year.
This figure also included people viewing more non-broadcast content on platforms like YouTube and gaming sites.
And more than half of UK adults (55%) with new streaming subscriptions said they will keep them and spend the same
amount of time watching streamed content in future.Growth is slowing as consumers get through the initial shock of
coronavirus and social restrictions,” the company said.

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