Some say, that it is Artificial Intelligence that will cause the next Big Bang, vanquishing the entire human race. Another pose is that technology has resulted in our mind losing its power to think. Well, let’s ask ourselves a question-“What defines a human?”

A human is defined through various characteristics, out of which the principle ones include emotional interaction and social well-being. Technology’s aim was never to transfigure the way humans think or perceive their surroundings. It slightly altered our emotions to a more positive outlook. A mobile phone is nothing but a simple way to contact our kith and kin living away from us. A social media app is nothing but a path to bliss through socialization with the world. The feature of face-time is the new cure to depression and anxiety.

The truth is that technological superiority can never surrogate humans because it is us humans only, who put forward these advancements.

Machinery and computers have only amended our lifestyle for the better. Let’s take television as an example. Would we ever have known about starving kids in Africa, had it not been for the television. But now that we do, we are compassionate towards them and are funding their nutrition. Technology can be used not just for interaction, but for improving our day-to-day lives. Fitness recorders encourage us to get up and engage in physical exercises, and still, we hear about indolence due to technology. A simple web search can help us transform our diet and thus become more productive.

Thus the role that technology has played so far was for the betterment of humanity, and the persistence of humanity.

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