THE BOOK REVIEW OF IKIGAIIkigai is the Japanese term the meaning that is the art of living. “IKIGAI: The Japanese secret to long and happy life” book is written by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia. the book is published by Penguin books. This book refers to the practice of living a purposeful life.

The book is about a long, healthy, and happy life. for the book, they studied Japanese living culture. They went to Okinawa and observed the lifestyle of people. Okinawa is the home of long-living people. the reason for long life is their lifestyle which is detailed explains their lifestyle. Anyone struggling to find motivation in life. In this book, there is how we become always motivated. and can live a happy life. The content also contains encourages healthy life and purposeful living among people. there are various things to become happy such as the importance of flow, importance of friendship, reason of being living, and lifelong source of motivation.
The book contains details about living a long lifestyle. There is a specific diet for the whole life. always eat in small pieces so we can stop our eating when the stomach is full. another important point is exercise. regularly do some exercise. the suryanamaskar is great exercise. it’s all about a healthy body so we can easily focus on our work. mental health is also much more important and for that, they told what is ikigai and how to find our ikigai. continuous working on/ with our ikigai is the best way of a happy life.
Ikigai is to find the purpose of our life. Everyone should be self-motivated and finding the source of self-motivation is the secret of a long, happy life.
the 10 rules to follow Ikigai are included in the book-
1)Keep working and never retire
2)stay calm
3)Don’t fill your stomach
4)good friends
5)Be more fit for next birthday
7)Being connected to nature
8)thank you
9)Live in the present
10)Behave like your Ikigai

this is the best to become self-motivated. being self-motivated is the secret of a long and healthy life. everyone should read books and find the ikigai of life. and live a healthy, happy, and long life.

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