Cancer is a physical disorder in which abnormal cell growth is observed. the change in DNA is also observed. The cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. The uncontrolled cells growth in the breast is called breast cancer. There are various types of breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs in women and rarely in men. In 2020 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685000 death globally. In men, it was observed only 0.5-1%. October is breast cancer awareness month.

Causes of breast cancer= 1) Family risk- In the patient’s family history if anyone has cancer then it is possible that the next generation is also observed. sometimes inheritors cancer is also produced.
2)Radiation Exposure= continuous contact with radiation or pollution also develops the risk of cancer. Due to radiation, the DNA gets destroyed new cancer is produced.
3)Early menstruation and late menopause= Due to hormonal imbalance breast cancer may produce.
4)Prolonged use of oral contraceptives
5)Hormone replacement therapy after menapause= this therapy is useful for osteoporosis. but its prolonged use is harmful to the breast.

Symptoms of breast cancer=1) The main symptom increases in the weight of a patient (obesity). 2) The lumps are observed in the breast and sometimes lumps are easily filled to the hand. 3) In a later stage bloody discharge from the nipple may observe. 4)There is a change in the size of the breast. texture and shape of a breast are also observed.5) pain in underarms because lymphatic node swells.

Treatment of breast cancer= 1) chemotherapy In the early stages it is easy and effective as well. Tamoxifen is a much safer drug.
2) Surgery is done to remove lumps or that cancerous cells.
3)Radiation therapy= In this the cancer cell kills at its place.
4) Hormone therapy= If cancer produces due to hormonal imbalance then it is cured by hormonal therapy.

Prevention of Breast cancer= 1)Physically active give release from lots of diseases. Daily exercise at least 30 min and aerobics 75 min weekly.
2)Keep weight in check. Weight should not increase suddenly. and it is much more.
3)Eat all fruits and vegetables. Take a balanced and healthy diet.

4)Don’t smoke. And intake of alcohol is also injurious to health.
5)Breastfeeding if possible. Lactate gland if producing milk may cause lumps if milk remains in the breast.which further results in cancer.
6)Avoid birth control pills, particularly after 35 yrs.
7)Breast screening is called mammograms. It should be done yearly after 40 yrs. otherwise done timely when risk is observed.
8) Regularly change inner-wear(bra). and don’t wear it at night.

So regular exercise, a healthy diet, time to time mammograms, and taking care of innerwear prevent the risk of breast cancer.

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