Intershala: India’s biggest internship platform

Intershala is the internship and online training platform. The company is based in Gurgon. This platform provide various types of internship with paid and unpaid as well. There is also training of required skills on the platform. The training is based on requirment of internship and jobs. It is the programme where we can confirm that this job is suitable for us and we are enjoying while doing it. Apart from student company will also get the little experienced employees through this platform. so this platform is very good experience. Every student should done internship to improve practical knowledge.

The founder and CEO of the intershala is Sarvesh Agrawal. The intershala is found in 2010. He is an IIT Madras alumni. He born in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan. And completed his schooling from Rajasthan itself. Basically he comes from business family, so he learnt lots of business skills from childhood in family. After graduation he did job for 5 yrs as a business analyst. In early he write a blog on WordPress about various intership. After that he created and website and application also.

He suggests youngsters,” Always do things which you like and enjoy it as well.” This is the very good platform to learn and take the experience of jobs so that we can choose best for us . It’s like test drive of job .

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