Patriotism and India

Mother and motherland are superior to heaven.

The feeling of unconditional love and immense respect that led our forefathers to set us free from the evil clutches of the British Raaj.

The feeling of selflessness and undying devotion which encourages a soldier to sacrifice his life for the nation.

It is this patriotism, that changes mere zeros to superheroes, murders to martyrs, and sinners to saints.

My country right or wrong,

If right to be kept right and if wrong to be set right.

Should be the voice of a true patriot.

Our country is right in many things and not right in some things. We should be the ones to set it right.

In the pre-Independence days stepping out of one’s house, with one’s head held high was a dream for a common man. But it was the patience, persistence and sacrifice of our brave men and women which made this dream a reality.

Today corruption, poverty, unemployment, intolerance, communalism, gender inequality and many such issues are making it difficult for our country to stand high in the global ranking. Now it is our responsibility to carry the legacy of our forefathers and take part in building the nation.

And the key to this is,

“sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, sabka prayas”.

” karna hai vikas,

chaahiye sabka saath,

kisi ka na tute vishwas,

iskeliye karengey prayas.”

India is the largest democratic country which ensures justice, liberty and equality to all her citizens.

The great leaders who framed our Constitution took the best ideas and principles from different countries so that we could have the best form of government. And for this democracy to flourish, it requires a certain level of ability, character and awareness from a common man.

It needs people’s participation, which is the key to nation building.

Where even the basic needs like health care and nutrition of people are not met,

Where there is discrimination based on caste, religion, language and economic background,

People’s participation is possible only when there is patriotism, feeling of oneness, and sense of national identity among the citizens.

It is our responsibility to work towards the betterment of our country with feeling of oneness and sense of patriotism.

Together we grow tall, divided we fall.

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