Day: March 20, 2023

Destruction: Curse of ignorance

The ongoing natural calamities are the results of human ignorance. From so many decades people have exploited nature and other living creatures. This is the consequence of cutting trees and animals . Every creature present on the earth is a part of ecosystem but human interference has destroyed the balance […]

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Diversities of the Nations

Every Nation is different and their status is different. Every country is facing their own problems in different ways . Every where problems are same and common people are being affected . Rich section of the society is getting growth and prosperity.But poor section of the society is still under […]

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Vedic Era

In Vedic era we had varna system which was based on occupation. In present era it is caste based which is getting improvised slowly. But the concept of having varna system is not only physical or materialistic. It was in the mind of the society that no body is superior […]

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