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Here for Content writing internship. Writing is way where you can cut your words off and yet not be silent .I like it better than talking .

Theory of Social Evolution :- Herbert Spencer

Evolution was in the air and developmental thinking can be found in a variety of different fields. The word evolution was borrowed from Latin ēvolūtiō, ēvolūtiōnis, which means , “the act of unrolling, unfolding or opening . Evolution is a process full of complexity .Evolution is a principle of internal […]

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The Principle Of Maximum Social Advantage. ( Meaning , Assumptions , Explanation , Theories , Limitations )

“The Principle of Public Finance means the fundamental rule by which the financial policy of the state is determined.This fundamental rule of principle of public finance is called “The Principle of Maximum Social Advantage “ The credit for the implementation of this principle goes to Prof. Pigou and Prof. Dalton […]

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Stock Exchange Market ( Meaning, Definitions , Functions , Members , Stock Exchange Market in India , Trading procedure , Members)

What is a stock exchange market? A market is said to be an arrangement between buyers and sellers to exchange goods or services for money.A stock exchange is a highly organised market ,where listed securities are bought and sold under a code of rules and regulations. A stock exchange Market […]

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