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Somsunder Bamrara

Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Baltics, also known as the Baltic States is comprised of three countries including Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The three countries are situated on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. In 1991 the regional governments of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia declared independence from the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR). Three […]

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Universal Design

Universal design is the approach of designing products and environment so that it can be used by broad number people irrespective of age, disability, ability, status in life and various […]

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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture can be described as the agricultural practices to producing fresh food or other agricultural products in urban areas and their surrounding regions (peri-urban). This can function centrally where […]

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Right to repair

Right to repair is a proposed legislation/movement that allows consumers the ability to modify and repair their own electronic devices.   Planned obsolescence is the practice when goods are manufactured with […]

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