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India’s Tech Battle Against China.

20th October 1962, the date recorded as 1st Sino-India War, and also the only War India lost post-independence. China took it as a ever warfare theory of India, and attacked in 1967 again in Nathu-La, Sikkim region, in which India succeeded in saving its territory from being annexed by the […]

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GULABO SITABO: Not the “Pehle Aap” Lucknow

The two puppets are being played on the stage, as sisters, named, Gulabo, and Sitabo. They seem to fight a lot. Hence here’s the movie “Gulabo Sitabo”. Amitabh Bacchan as Mirza, who was deeply in love with the mansion, for which he married a woman 19 years older than him, […]

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Nepotism:The Legacy of Terrorism.

Nephew, son of one’s own brother. This is a relation which gave birth to a new word, nepotismo, the Italian word which is based on it. Nepotism is not a recent issue, it has been a challenge for the world for ages. The Popes and bishops, who had taken vows […]

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Reasons undeniable

This time of our life is very much difficult, such a pause in our fast pacing life was never expected. This pandemic has surely changed our lives, it is testing our will power and strength. Everyday watching the numbers of Corona cases just increasing develops a sense of fear in […]

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Strings attached

Have you seen the song \” Jahan main jati hoon wahin chale aate ho\”  from the movie chori chori. Where the actors performs a human puppet show, this is a form of art which  has been been underrated through all these years. Puppetry is really different from other art forms, […]

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Understanding University Rankings 2020-21

The present generation is said to be the generation of competition. Let it be student or the institutes they are enrolled, is having a fierce competition to top the list. Students get their list posted by the universities, likewise universities look to some rankings published worldwide and one national level. […]

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the Musical Sounds

The sounds that a musical instrument makes  when a professional is playing is always melodious. When a person who is first time touching the instrument would  not be able to play the instrument so as to get a melodious tune. The professional uses techniques so that the sound he produces […]

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It has been almost 3 months, since the country is locked down, every street was empty and busiest places were lonely. All Organisation and institutions were shut down, and advised to work from home. Same was the educational institutions such as schools, and colleges were said to shut down, amidst […]

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Cardiovascular heath

Nowadays people are becoming health conscious, and everyone knows the two very important things to do in order to stay fit is to eat healthy and excercise regularly.  Do you know why these two things are really important ?   Its because by these two methods we are actually improving […]

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