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Our daily news analysis consists of two parts – Daily News and Important Editorials. We cover Daily News by choosing the most relevant topics from a number of newspapers like The Hindu, Livemint, The Indian Express etc. plus a variety of national and international news websites like PIB, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN etc. All news items are properly highlighted, bulletised and tagged for easy reading and research. Sometimes we also include relevant infographics and diagrams in these news items. Similarly, for Important Editorials we rely on very trustworthy sources – though mostly national, like The Hindu and Livemint – for our daily cover. We keep editorials as short and precise as it would permit. We also bulletise certain points of importance to make the articles more presentable.

India And Jordan Firm Up Security Cooperation

Coming straight to the nub of the matter, let me begin by first and foremost pointing out that India and Jordan which have traditionally enjoyed good bilateral relations have decided to strengthen it further now by signing a landmark framework on March 1, 2018 in defence cooperation thus paving the […]

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CJI : How Can A Convict Head A Party?

Coming straight to the nub of the matter, let me begin by first and foremost pointing out that none other than the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra has directly questioned the logic behind having a criminal and corrupt person to head a political party. Going ahead, the CJI […]

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What Wrong Has Army Chief Said?

Why do some parties immediately pounce on Army Chief Bipin Rawat as soon as he says something? Why is he being mocked every now and then by few bunch of politicians from different parties? Why is he not being accorded the due respect which he so richly deserves?                                         Why politicians […]

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Lawyers Of West UP In Toll Plazas Not In Courts

How can this happen? But it has happened in the past also and is happening time and again in the 26 districts of West UP. Now again on 23 February 2018 the lawyers of 26 districts of West UP are on toll plazas to make them toll free.                                              Once again […]

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Will Electoral Bonds Usher In Transparency?

Let me begin right at the very beginning by first and foremost pointing out very explicitly that secrecy and non-disclosure of names of donors can never usher in transparency no matter how tall claims the government may make repeatedly through its eminent and senior leaders. Why should there be any […]

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