New Microsoft Surface Duo (2020): Is it worth the hype?

Many of you would have probably heard about Microsoft surface Duo already and discarded it as just another smartphone in the market which fancy features to attract buyers. You wouldn’t […]

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Social Media Giants to be banned in India?

  Is this true that Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram will be banned in India from 26th May 2021?   In February 2021, the Central government of India came up with  a new set of IT rules and regulations. These rules imply authority over social media by appointment of compliance […]

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Digital Citizenship | Digital literacy

Digital Citizenship Digital citizenship is responsibly using the technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with people on any level. Digital citizenship includes appropriate online etiquette, literacy in how digital technologies work and how to use them, an understanding of ethics and related law, […]

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