Frida Kahlo: Unconventional, Uncompromising and Unibrows

Introduction Even after years since Frida Kahlo’s demise, her charisma and powerful sense of style continue to captivate the world. The Mexican artist, famed for her self-portraits, is celebrated in her home […]

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Why you should start painting?

Indeed painting is very enjoyable activity. It is full of fun and relaxing to do. So here are some reasons why you should start paintings. It improves creativity :- Paintings plays important role in development of brain that’s why in school children have painting or drawing. Improves problem solving skill […]

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India is a land of different cultures where over 1.5 billion people belonging to different communities live together . Many years back when India was called the GOLDEN BIRD , which was then brutally plundered by the foreign invaders, was not only because of the monetary wealth but also due […]

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