Why you should start painting?

Indeed painting is very enjoyable activity. It is full of fun and relaxing to do. So here are some reasons why you should start paintings.

  1. It improves creativity :- Paintings plays important role in development of brain that’s why in school children have painting or drawing.
  2. Improves problem solving skill :- Painting can also help in development of critical thinking and problem solving. Through paintings individual realize that there might be more ways to solve a single problem.
  3. Improves communication skill :- Painting enables us to communicate in a different personal languages. Painting opens a range of thought and also enables individual to speak about it.
  4. Releases hidden emotions :- paintings may led to disappearance of physical as well as mental pain as you get more deeply involved in paintings.
  5. Develops positive emotions :- Creating paintings helps to lessen the negative thoughts. Paintings creates a positive emotions in creator’s mind and also boost the confidence.

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