The Stranger: A Book Review

The Stranger is a classic in both philosophy and Algerian French literature. Meursault is a truthful and emotionally detached man – something that scares those around him, the established judiciary and the lawyers. He frequently exclaims how he lives in the present and refuses to live in the past or the future. All these traits are so odd for the people around him that he becomes the stranger in the story.

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Metamorphosis – Book Review

Kafka’s metamorphosis is considered to be a classic in literature. It is a story of a changing society and how necessities cause a metamorphosis in households and in society in general.

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The Secret Garden: A book review

The secret garden is some of those books which one might not necessarily complete in one go, but would be pressed innately to return to it. The story is very much of a child but it builds up in ways that often evade even adult and contemporary literature. Imagination, revelations and most importantly the fact that the protagonist is but a child – all of it is simply touching. A movie was made on the book in 2020 starring Collin Firth and Julie Walters.

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